Computer Ergonomics & National Chiropractic Health Month

Happy National Chiropractic Health month!!!

I know you are as excited as we are and we also don't want you to forget World Spine Day October 16th!   In honor of these awesome celebrations we are going to chat about Computer Ergonomics.
As technology grows, the majority of our time is consumed by staring at a computer while sitting at a desk and if your lucky you may even have a standing desk!
Lets talk about how to do desk work in a safe and healthy manor for your body!
Adjust that Mouse!
No, not preform a chiropractic treatment on your office nuisance! Move that desk mouse!
The further away your mouse is away from your body the more strain you have on your neck. 
Choose a position where your elbows are at your side and your mouse is right in front of you. 
Try an ergonomic mouse.  

This device allows you to keep your hand in a more natural position while supporting your thumb and cradling your thumb and pinky finger.  

Sit properly!
Make sure your feet are supported and not sitting where your legs are extended. This could cause knee pain due to hyprextension.  You should be sitting above your key board with your elbows at your side.  

Rest Breaks!

The most common response I hear regarding this is that clients "feel bad" stepping away.  Well don't.  Remember how people used to take smoke breaks?  You can take a 5 minute walk break.  Every 30 minutes stand up and move about.  You will be more productive.  Also, if you are experiencing pain  taking 15 second micro breaks each hour to stretch the wrists and neck can help ease discomfort.  

Standing desks are not the end all be all.  
Yes standing is good.  Yes sitting is good.  Do both!
Everything in moderation is key.  So don't just stand at work sit too.  Siting can cause strain in the lower back and tightness in the glutes. Ever heard of sciatica ?   Standing typically leads to leaning or shifting hips to one side causing more strain on that knee and hip.  So do both.

Hope this helps !
Stay functional and adjusted ! 
Happy Chiropractic Month and get adjusted!

-J. Antonelli