Massage, Before or After My Adjustment?

A extremely common question received almost weekly is " Should I get my massage before or after my adjustment"?
- First off, Great Question!
Chiropractic and Massage are great on their own but WAY better together.

Chiropractic works with the body's nervous system by way of mobilizing the joints in the body to reduce restrictions/tension. This is helping to reduce inflammation and pain of the muscles, joints, discs and nerves.  A Chiropractic Adjustment is controlled gentle force and pressure that allows the joints to move in their regular healthy functioning ways.

Massage Therapy works the muscles and tendons of the body.  A skilled Massage Therapist will apply techniques they have learned that best fits the muscular imbalance at hand.  The techniques used work to relax the muscle by reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, stretching muscle fibers, and breaking down any adhesion's.  Along with your muscles being relaxed, you may also find you leave with a relaxed mind.  Massage Therapy is very beneficial in relaxation and reducing stress!

Massage and Chiropractic in Tandem

Therapeutic Massage is suggested to take place before a Chiropractic Treatment. After a Massage your muscles are loose and your body becomes relaxed. You have reduced inflammation and restriction allowing optional function for a healthy spine and nervous system.  This is where Chiropractic comes in.
Treating the misalignment's in the spine after a Massage though a Chiropractic Adjustment allows optimal communication throughout the body.  The better your nervous system can communicate with your muscles the more effective the treatment is for your body. This allows your pain relief to last longer.
With routine Massage /Chiropractic care your body will experience :
*increased immune system function
*increased blood flow
*increased flexibility
*relaxed mind

Take note, if your schedule only allows you to receive a Massage after your Chiropractic Adjustment, its NOT time wasted. You will still receive all the benefits of Massage and your Chiropractic care will still be beneficial.

- Thanks for the read!
-J. Antonelli