Enjoy Chiropractic Care & Use Less Sick Time:

Enjoy Chiropractic Care & Use Less Sick Time:

     Did you know that Chiropractic can help influence the biological immune response?

     The Chiropractic adjustment stimulates the nervous system this has been shown to increase immune system molecules helping the function of T Cells (essential players in the immune system). 
Your endocrine system is also affected by Chiropractic care by lowering Cortisol levels (stress hormones that weaken your immune system). 
Remember in 1918 the Influenza Epidemic?

     Over 675,000 American died. National figures have shown that 1,142 Chiropractors cared for         46,394 patients for influenza & only 54 patients died... that's one out of 859 People treated with   Chiropractic care. 

  Pretty cool right! 
Prepare yourself for the sick season and get a head start by getting chiropractic care today!

-Jessica Antonelli 
LMBT #15459
Combined Chiropractic & Acupuncture