The prescription for flu season is a healthy spine!

Flu season is upon us and believe it or not taking a visit to your MD is not your only defense against this nasty bug this season. If you did not know Chiropractic care is not just taking care of your posture or the bones in your body. Its much more then that and here is a chart to help me explain. 
This is a Meric Chart

First take note of the spine, how it is the full length of your back from the base of you skull to your tail bone.  The spine is identified in three sections starting with Cervical, Thoracic, and ending with Lumbar.  Each section has a designated amount of vertebrae that protect your spinal cord.  The spinal cord runs from your brain all the way though your spine.  The Spinal cord has nerves that branch off to specific organs or body functions.  This you can see with the organs to the left and the connecting lines to the different areas in the spine.  

Lets take a look at the lungs, lung functioning is associated with thoracic area of the spine at levels one though four. Lets say you have an issue in the spinal alignment within the thoracic region between vertebra 1-4.  This issue could be as simple as scoliosis/ arthritis or even poor posture.  These issues could be affecting the nerves causing a decrease in organ function with in the lungs.  Symptoms of this could be asthma, shortness of breath, or even pain when breathing.  

Now take a look at the rest of the chart.  Examine the connections of the organs though the different regions of the spine. Can you relate to areas of pain? Do some of those areas connect with different organs in the body that may be causing you issues as well? 
Has the traditional health care system left you with lingering questions regarding this issue and maybe even just sent you home with a prescription as you wait for things to get better?
Maybe its time to try something new.  
A healthy spine is a healthy nervous system, meaning your body is working at peek performance keeping you healthy and fighting disease. 

If you can relate to any of the items discussed above maybe its time to seek chiropractic care.  Here at Combined Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we discuss your issues and needs and formulate a health care plan to get you back to living your best life. 
Have any further questions? Don't hesitate to call!

J. Antonelli